Ray A. White

Ray A. White, Ed.S., LPC/MHSP, ACS, NCC

Professional Vitae

* Licensed Professional Counselor/Mental Health Service Provider (TN)
* Meets TCA 0450-1-.10 criteria to provide clinical supervision (TN)
* Approved Clinical Supervisor (CCE)
* National Certified Counselor (NBCC)

Clinical Criminologist: The field of clinical criminology investigates the links between psychology, crime, and the law. As a concentration in research and study, it is better known in such places as Europe, Great Britain, and Israel. Here in the Unites States there is currently no type of certification for this field, and few people have even heard of it.

Ray A. White has however spent a lifetime of study and research in this field. This along with his professional training and experience, uniquely qualifies him as a Clinical Criminologist by the strictest definition. Some of the unique opportunities his career has afforded him include: 1) assisting in a criminal case that received international attention, 2) interviewing the perpetrator in a murder case that had received national notoriety,  and 3) being asked to serve as an expert witness in a case involving a veteran who had been misdiagnosed and therefore denied appropriate services; and who subsequently took his own life.