LPC License Supervision

Ray A. White is an experienced supervisor having supervised graduate program interns since 2014 and post-graduate counselors seeking their LPC or LPC/MHSP license since 2016. He is designated as a Tennessee Approved Supervisor by the State of Tennessee, and an Approved Clinical Supervisor by NBCC/CCE.

Supervision Fees (effective 2023):

Individual Session ... $65/hour

Individual Session (with Temp. Lic.) ... $55/hour

Triadic Session ... $70/hour - split between two people

Group Session ... $30 per person

Practice Monitor Rate ... $90/hour (+ required travel expenses)

Those interested in pursuing supervision should:

1) Email Ray expressing their interest, and attach the Supervision Application form.

2) Review the Supervision Contract which will be completed after the initial session.

3) Familiarize themselves with the Licensure Board "Rules" & "Website" found below:

Tennessee Rules of Licensure

Main Page of Licensure Board


1. Monthly Engagement Log

2. Risk Management Form